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Working Together-Apart

I just completed the first episode of the Women in Tech + Radio (WiTR) podcast from Home, and strangely enough, it was not too different from podcasting in the office studio. I usually do the editing and distribution on my work laptop which I’m using at home too, so the only difference is in recording. And I oddly prefer recording from home. No need to book the studio or waste time switching from your colleagues’ set up, I now get to build a cool little fort in my living room, for acoustic reasons *of course*: recording at home ROCKS!

I can’t compare my monthly “guerilla” podcast with what Radio professionals do every day, but there is a similitude in the way that technology allows us to continue to work from home. I’m happy, like our customers, to have access to the DigAS@Home set up to efficiently work from home. For the WiTR podcast, I specifically use Content Manager, MultiTrackEditor, and podcast distribution workflows.

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