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Will we be able to notice the improvements we make (within the radio ecosystem)?

“The typical representation of (enterprise) software is something more generic and easily copied. From a DAVID standpoint, we wanted to be more exclusive, more unique, more strategic. Something that represented our values of clarity, diversity, appreciation and transformative in a direct manner. Our goal to be differentiated as DAVID and also fit in with customers and the industry itself. We could follow the tameness of others in enterprise software or do something more fitting…”

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Do we make it easy for others to understand us with confidence?

“Since it is possible to set up your operating system, browsers, social media, chat services to dark mode, it has become inevitable to provide dark mode for desktop apps. After receiving very good feedback from a lot of customers using MTE in dark mode, we are happy to announce that DAVID Systems is implementing dark mode for DBM…”


Learn more about how we bring clarity through Dark Mode in this LinkedIn article.

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Do we recognize small and big successes and say thank you?

“It has been truly inspiring to see posts on social media showing how appreciative people are staying On Air and safe thanks to Tech. Whether it’s RCF and their home-office studio and their use of EAO to enable listener content during lockdown, NPR’s anchoring from home and podcasting from home, SWR’s home office workflows, Offener Kanal Lübeck’s day in the life, BR’s scheduling from Home, or a heartfelt message from NRK, it’s energizing to see how fast people are adapting, when the circumstances require it…”

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Do we make use of all skills and perspectives?

We started the DAVID Women in Tech + Radio (WiTR) initiative to bring more awareness to the diversity issue that exists in the Tech part of the Radio industry today. This initiative consists now of the Women in Tech + radio podcast, our participation in the European Women in Tech Conference, and the organization of Girls in Tech and Audio, as part of the global Girls’ Day.

DAVID Women at the European Women in Tech conference 2019

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