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What Do Rotating Squares Have To Do With Radio?

Enterprise software branding can be a rather bland business. When walking around an NAB, IBC, etc.,) when one could go to a Conference), I would note to colleagues a certain homogeneity among a huge assortment of software brands. Typically, the brand promise falls under two main themes

  • We’re the Best – “The Best {Fill in the Blank} Software for {Fill in the Blank}, “The Leading Software in {Fill in the Blank}”
  • Something about being the most modern – “Tomorrow: Today,” “The Future is Now,” “Looking Forward, Now.” Yawn.

When I joined DAVID five years ago, I had some experience in B-to-B software, but my concentration was in consumer entertainment where brand differentiation flourishes.

The typical representation of (enterprise) software is something more generic and easily copied. From a DAVID standpoint, we wanted to be more exclusive, more unique, more strategic. Something that represented our values of clarity, diversity, appreciation and transformative in a direct manner. Our goal to be differentiated as DAVID and also fit in with customers and the industry itself. 

Read more about how we differentiated ourselves from the crowd and what rotated squares actually have to do with Radio in this LinkedIn article.