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CareNow! – Expanding DigaCare

Dear DigaCare Customers,

We hope this finds you safe and healthy. Like many of you, we’re shifting to home office operation as we push to maintain our full capability.

As audio producers and other staff working from home becomes the new normal, we understand that your challenge to serve your audience is much bigger.

Therefore, we have decided to extend your DigaCare benefits in the following ways:

1 / We’re removing the quantity limits on our software, at no charge, through at least July 31, so that you can immediately equip any of your employees with, for example:

  • Content Manager with Browser Bridge, and MTE, to help your producers, journalists and talent create great audio from home
  • WebDigAIRange and WebTurboPlayer to create, monitor and run shows as if you’re in the studio
  • Mailbox IP/DigaTrans IP to all content creators to seamlessly exchange materials remotely

Interested? Let’s take the next step and work together. Contact us on improving your team’s home office solution.

2 / We’re enabling our Customer Experience team flexibility and resources to adapt to your schedules, and be available for:

  • Extended Care from 8:00 to 24:00 (Central European Time)
  • Assistance with implementation and support of the remote solutions specified above
  • Facilitating customer connections to reach and share success

These proposals are the result of ongoing conversations with customers and we will maintain, and even accelerate, this interaction. Please alert us if we have missed something.

We’re adding power in DigaCare 

We are happy, for more reasons than ever, to have Maximilian Wagner (who has been a working student at DAVID for the past 3 years) starting this week as a full-time employee in CXG, as a support specialist.


James Scannell
Support Specialist 
Customer eXperience Group (CXG)