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Accessibility at DAVID

    “When UX doesn’t consider ALL users, shouldn’t it be called ‘SOME User Experience’ or… SUX?” – @Billy Gregory. We at DAVID agree with that and want to make our enterprise accessible for all our users.

    This is a trilogy of our approach to that:

    Part 1: Start with the basics

    Of course we want all our tools to be accessible. Having run some automatic accessibility checks however, we figured out that not all of them are. We need to catch up on something, we’ve taken carelessly in the past.

    We decided to improve tool by tool and focused on one of them (WebDigAIRange) to get started and gain experience. 

    First thing we have done is to run our tool by Accessibility Insights – a chrome extension, which automatically checks for accessibility lacks and supports doing manual tests. So we fixed all issues which the automatic test listed (including colour contrast, html syntax, image alt attributes and labels).

    Read more about our approach to accessibility for our tools in this LinkedIn article.