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Accessibility at DAVID Pt.3

    When accessibility is instantly implemented it is also instantly available to the customer and doesn’t require additional tasks or resource planning.

    So when you have fixed your tools to meet the basic standards, you don’t want to do it again for future solutions. You rather want it to be an integrated part of your development process.

    First step was to include the accessibility to our definition of done (DoD). This is how it looks like:

    1. Avoid creating own components, rather try to keep to the standard as much as possible

    2.Tabbing order is intuitive (e.g. the first thing you’d see on the screen, should be the first to be tabbed)

    3. All basic function of the web site should be readable with screen reader (e.g. JAWS)

    4. If functions cannot be used without shortcuts, you need to support them

    5. Take care of accessibility for every functionality even if you think, a blind person cannot use it

    6. Conform colour-contrasts

    7. Run automatic check (e.g. with Accessibility Insights)

    Read more about the importance of accessibility and how immediately take care of it in this LinkedIn article.