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Accessibility at DAVID Pt.2

    Having basic accessibility implementation in place, means, that the users are able to use our tools SOMEHOW. 

    But we want our users to use our tools efficiently and reach their goal as quick as possible! Therefore we need to go one step beyond the accessibility basics and take care of the usability. 

    So far I haven’t seen any good test tool to test the usability (if you have please let me know in the comments), therefore we need to use our human powers;

    First we need to define some tasks and workflows, which our users would perform, while using our tool. This could be something like: 


    Create an empty 1 hour radio show on July 22nd at 8pm. 


    1. Open the calendar view. 

    2. Navigate to July 22nd. 

    3. Create new entry. 

    4. Enter some metadata to the created show (incl. the time).

    5. Save show.

    Read more about our approach to accessibility and the usability care of our tools in this LinkedIn article.