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Listening In Action Week 2021

DATES: March 22nd to 24th


    13:00 – 17:00 CET Monday

    9:00 – 12:00 / 13:30 – 17:00 CET Tuesday and Wednesday


Our Customer Conference 2020 was the last event we physically took part in, so we’d like to come together to appreciate what we’ve achieved over the past year. Find more information about our sessions* below.



  Evolution of Broadcast System (Scheduling and Orchestration) feat. Stephen Harwood

A discussion on future functionality and benefits of BCS (Scheduling and Orchestration services).

  Recording Use Cases (ROAD Foundation) feat. Stephen Harwood

We’ll take a journey on a series of use cases that are built upon the ROAD Platform.

  Express Editing and Lessons Learned feat. Albert Menacher and Hans Schleichert

A look back on lessons learned from Express Editing deployments and a step forward towards smoother integration of Speech To Text (STT) providers.  Additionally, what services could DAVID provide to assist for better coordination.    

  Orientations for Content Production feat. Jürgen Hillebrand

A look into paths for Content Manager and Database Manager. Interactive session to determine priorities of Features vs Use Case vs Non Functional Requirements.

Workflow Development

  Digital Content Distribution at RCF feat. RCF

RCF’s Julien Colnot will highlight how to make it easy to publish podcasts to a corporate website. 

  DAVID with NETIA on Recording and Mobile Interviews feat Frédéric Faber and Gareth Psaltis

Learn how easily DAVID components can integrate in a non DigAS environment. We will highlight integration with NETIA’s Radio Assist for this session. We’ll present Interview Recorder using the ROAD foundation, and preview our Mobile Interview concept.

  Speed up your Workflow with WebDigAIRange shortcuts feat. Jakob Lindauer

We take the latest shortcuts in WebDigAIRange to spark a technical conversation about its evolution.

  BCS & Workflow System working together feat. Stephen Harwood

An Open Call to help us together qualify the BCS+Workflow System Integration concept.

  EAO Cookbook feat. Michael Bodenstein and Marcus Kleinschmidt

Join Michael Bodenstein and Marcus Kleinschmidt in a Q&A format to see how you can swiftly and simply use integrate EAO into your project, and adapt the visuals to your Corporate Identity. 

A Day in the Life of a Journalist feat. Anastasiya Lisitsyna

Together, via a Journalist’s user journey map we will gain insight about “what we think” vs. “what customers think” (vs. “what journalists actually do”).

Recording Applications

  Simplify your remote interviews (technical edition) feat. Wolfgang Seidl

A technical view on a best in class solution to conduct mobile interviews anywhere, anytime with “D-Studio”.

  Working Together with WDR on InstaRecorder feat. Jörg Stelkens and WDR

A talk about #workingtogetherapart and how we developed an instant recording solution based on the ROAD foundation. (Session will be in German)

Administrator Productivity

  Working Together with Sternpunkt on Managed Cluster for Services feat. Michael Wittmann

Create fault tolerant services to avoid downtimes because of hardware failures or software upgrades. If one node fails the service is still alive. If you need to update os or software you can upgrade the secondary node and the primary node still delivers the service.

  Monitoring Efficiency feat. Jürgen Hillebrand and more

Find out which ways exist for monitoring DPE based solutions, how to connect to our SNMP sensors in Workflow System, and learn how to use our APIs for monitoring Workflow load and other data.

  Configuring UI Schemes in DPE feat. Sheelendra Singh

We are introducing DPE in dark mode, and will show how system administrators can configure UI schemes in DPE.

*This list is non exhaustive and subject to change