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CC 2024 Schedule



If you’re freshly arriving in Munich or coming from RadioDays Eroupe, we will be offering lunch and refreshments in our lobby as we’re gathering from 12:00 – 14:00

We’re ramping up, starting with a welcome speech and useful information, while we gear up for the event

Couleur 3 ran a full day of AI Radio, from planning, production and delivery to understand and live through what was possible, to assuage their own fears, to gauge community response and to find their own path forward. Here’s how it went.

Roundtable discussion on Newsroom; status on their integration with Audio services and priorities moving forward.

Evening Event at 18:30 at Big Pilot Bar (10-minute walk from the office)

Arnulfstr. 61, 80636 München


Meet us at 08:00 for breakfast and coffee before the start of the sessions.


We’ll have breakfast and coffee as we gather for the main day of our event

As most of our customers, DAVID has a forever ambition. A key part of it is to ensure a proper transition is provided at the Leadership level to start, but not only. We’ll review the maturing of the recent new CEO announcement and open up the dialog on other areas of rejuvenation.

How our next-gen TurboPlayer Service and corresponding software development kit (SDK) support customers who wish to transform the Studio metaphor: by powering Web clients to ease the user experience for in-house or in-the-field shows, and by providing developers with open access to controls and dataflow for both broadcast and digital real-time distribution scenarios. Featuring Sveriges Radio who will report on their integrations in collaboration with DAVID.

 AI and automation can get more done & maintaining high quality standards. See how BR, Antenne Bayern and RCF are serving different use cases with our AI-Assisted Content Production

We’re having a pause for lunch, afterward we’re back with our planned presentations.

3 senior stakeholders will share some of insights on their transformation strategies:

  • An update and outlook on NPR’s journey developing their own applications and integration of DAVID services and libraries

  • High-level vision on Sveriges Radio home grown Newsroom and inclusion of Audio related services

  • How NRK is looking to evolve from Digas as a system to a set of audio services integrated in their modernized infrastructure

Security and safety is everything – but how do you get there? We’re going to show you a couple of disasters and how we got over them. Check out Pierre Soelberg’s and Jerzy Listwan’s contributions to find out how you can get your environment to be safer.

Check out the program on your phone


BOOTHs run at all times: 

Meet us to discuss how to collaborate and how to BYOI (Build Your Own Interface) with the SDK for Turboplayer Service

Guided discussion on how to derive from the myriad of Multimedia use cases, a set of extensions, services and partnerships to reduce the cost, time to market for reaching new audiences with new formats.

DPE now has Cross Platform capabilities to support your evolving hosting requirements. Meet us at our booth for brains-on, hands-on about containerisation, REST and other modernisations like Mac support for field journalist productions.

The challenge is to produce your own content without any guidance and reflect on your experience to improve the use cases and user experience.


Enhance your brand and audience reach capabilities by adding light weight pop-up radio streams with the ROAD platform & BCS. And how customers are experimenting binaural conversion tools to fuel their 3D-audio web stream sidecars.

Come see how DAVID development partners use EAO, our Audio library, in their products to reduce time to market and related costs. Contains customer use case as context to walk through the most recent EAO SDK content in Developer Hub. API details and live practical examples will be shown.

AI and automation to help you get more done & maintaining high quality standards. See how BR, Antenne Bayern and RCF are serving different use cases with our Assisted Content Production (POD)

Workshop / brainstorming about possible failover and redundancy scenarios and solution status to secure recording use cases based on the ROAD platform.

How snippets of audio are created and packaged swiftly with Multimedia image and multilingual text to report on events from Radiodays Europe 2024

Care-ians is a permanent OKR objective team with the goals to maintain high Customer Satisfaction with priority calls on issue resolution and resource allocation. Come meet the team to share views on current CSAT status and how to cooperate further together on improving Digacare.

How to schedule, broadcast and publish endpoint stories without dead stress. Will show real examples of customers implementations.