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Our history with developing radio solutions fuels our vision for media organizations to produce rich content and interact with audiences like never before, at radio costs.

DAVID Systems wins NRK’s top 5 vendor benchmark to enhance Radio Production
Industry benchmark leads Norwegian broadcaster to invest in DAVID’s radio & rich media software.
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NAB 2015
April 13-16, Las Vegas
Embracing the change in radio.
Join DAVID Systems at booth C8333 and see how to expand the reach of your content during the production and delivery process.
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With realtime and triggered workflows for delivery, you can increase your impact without compromising your brand identity or doubling the size of your staff. We would love to meet you there. Please contact us to set up a meeting. You can register for free using the VIP code LV2424.
Customer Conference 2015, Munich
Deep dive in DigaSystem and more!
Idea sharing, workshops and hands on experience have shaped the reputation of this iconic event. With all of the other events going on, the date is not fixed yet and we will do our best to hold it before summer. Stay tuned!
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It was time for a change. We're aiming for a lean web presence, with essential information, to experience new forms of dialogue and multi-media online services.

We will be doing this step by step, so please have patience. We appreciate feedback. Let us know!

Tools & Services

We are renowned for our DigaSystem software (also called "DigAS") as it runs inside some of the finest media factories. Here below is another way to experience the services DAVID offers and to interact with us!

Loudness Service
We are all on a mission. Listeners should experience audio in a harmonized way, without constantly adjusting the volume. Here is a free service for media professionals and other audio lovers to analyze the loudness levels of an audio file according to the EBU R-128 loudness recommendation. Drop your file in the area below to start:
Analyze your file
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Loudness analysis according to EBU-R128 specification. Learn more
This service is not limited in terms of file size or length of audio and we support a wide range of audio formats, including major professional broadcast formats such as BWF or MusiFile. The analysis of a 3-minute long audio file typically takes about 8 seconds, so feel free to upload your entire life Story - just allow enough time for the magic to happen.
In case you get a format-related error message, don't worry. We keep track of all such errors in order to constantly improve and expand our service.
We hope this was helpful for you. This loudness analysis service is only a small example of the rich feature set that our loudness framework can provide for production and playout. This includes metering in editing, normalization, loudness compliant pre-listen & playout and the deployment of multiple loudness target sets. Designed as a service to manage cross enterprise audio requirements, it is an extension of DigaSystem.

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We are regularly looking to expand and enforce our team: the best and brightest that love using their skills and creativity to build, sell and support the solutions our customer use.


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