Camille:            Hello and Welcome to the Women in Tech and Radio podcast, my name is Camille, and I’ll be your host. I’m a Guerilla Marketing Manager at DAVID Systems, which is an enterprise software company in audio. We’re based in Munich, Germany. I’m very excited about this podcast, which will consist in a series of interviews with great women in tech. So sit back, and enjoy!

                        Good Afternoon! I’m super happy to welcome Aysha on the show today!

Aysha:              Thank you! My pleasure. 

Aysha Cheru Veettil

Camille:            Could you please introduce yourself to everybody? 

Aysha:              Yes, my name is Aysha, I work for DAVID Systems and I work in team Gauss. And I’m a web developer.  

Camille:            And what do you do in team Gauss?

Aysha:              So I work for scheduling applications, web-based scheduling applications.

Camille:            Ok, and for how long have you been at DAVID?

Aysha:              Uh, it’s nearly two years. It will be two years in November. 

Camille:            Ooh.. it’s going to be a celebration! 

Aysha:              Yeah, I hope so!

Camille:            And so can you tell me how you first got into Tech?

Aysha:              Yeah. That’s a funny story, but not very really inspiring because I have chosen computer science as my career because my brothers have pursued their career in computer science. So I thought: “yeah it’s good and it’s also fun to work in computer science”. It is actually! So I have kind of set them as my role models. So that’s how I ended up taking computer science. But to be honest, I was not very aware of the plenty opportunities in computer science at that time. But after graduating, it was.. I was really glad I had taken computer science because when I was applying for internships or jobs, I was getting a lot of interviews, and also, I get the job also easily, so I was really glad, yeah!

Camille:            That’s good! And are your brothers also working in the radio industry?

Aysha:              Oh no, he’s not working in the radio industry, he’s working in some other field. But one of my brothers is working in Munich itself. 

Camille:            How did you choose Munich actually?

Aysha:              Because my husband is working here so I just moved here with him. 

DAVID Systems · Women in Tech + Radio #2 – Camille Bondeville & Aysha Rafa Cheru Veettil

Camille:            Can you tell me why you chose to get in Radio then?

Aysha:              I found this offer on LinkedIn, and of course it was interesting, so I looked at the website, and it seemed interesting and that’s why I applied. That’s how I ended up here. 

Camille:            Did you see a change between being a woman in tech before, like in your studies or in your previous jobs, and being a woman in tech and radio now?

Aysha:              In the previous job yes, because I was the only one who was doing this tech, so it was.. yeah, a little bit weird, and I wasn’t really comfortable to be honest, and that’s why I looked for another job. But during my studies, it was super comfortable because in India it’s not a very new thing, girls pursuing their career in IT or… So many girls pursue their career in IT and engineering fields. So it’s not a very new thing so it was really comfortable during studies. 

Camille:            Was it different moving to Munich? Or you thought there were less women then?

Aysha:              Like I’ve told you, in my last job, yes though I mean in the current job also, when you compare the ratio, it’s less. But here I’m really comfortable working, so I don’t feel like I’m alone or different from others or something like that. 

Camille:            Yes. That’s nice. And what do you think is a challenge for women in tech and radio nowadays?

Aysha:              I would say there is a gender gap in this industry for sure, but I think now there are plenty of opportunities. 

Camille:            What do you think is important for women getting into IT and engineering?

Aysha:              I think it’s the same for men and women, there is no special need for women. If anyone loves these problem-solving and puzzles, they should get into computer science. They will love it. Regardless of men or women I would say. And for women I would say that: don’t let fear get in your way, just push yourself outside of your comfort zone. 

Camille:            If you had any advice to any girl or young woman who wants to pursue a career in tech and radio, what would you tell them?

Aysha:              I would say just go for it girls, because it’s fun and also, fun to learn and work with computer science, but at the same time is adventureous as well. You get a lot of opportunities to learn a lot. 

Camille:            Well thank you very much for coming today!

Aysha:              Thank you!

Camille:            We’ll see you next time guys, bye!

Aysha:              Bye!

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