Hello and welcome to the Women in Tech and Radio podcast. My name is Camille and I’ll be your host. I’m a Guerilla Marketing Manager at DAVID Systems, which is an enterprise software company in audio. We’re based in Munich Germany.

I’m very excited about this podcast which will consist in a series of interviews with great women in tech. So sit back and enjoy.

Camille: Good morning everybody and welcome on this newest episode of Women in Tech and Radio. I’m very happy to welcome Sathya on the episode today.

Sathya: Hi Camille! Thank you for this invitation.

Camille: You’re welcome! My pleasure. Do you want to introduce yourself?

Sathya: Yeah. My name is Sathya. I’m working for DAVID for like the past nine months. I joined as an intern here and now I’m working for the team Edison.

Camille: Ok, what do you do in Team Edison?

Sathya: I’m into software test automation.

Camille: Ok. Your internship was next to your studies right?

Sathya: Yes.

Camille: What are you studying?

Sathya: I’m doing my master’s in electrical engineering and information technology. And I also did my master’s thesis here.

Camille: In which university are you studying?

Sathya: Hochschule München

Camille: Why did you choose to come to DAVID? To come into the audio industry?

Sathya: Because actually in my bachelor’s I had this subject. It’s like theoretical subjects about radio and I learned a bit, and also mainly I was looking into automation. This particular thing was very much suitable for me, like I was searching for test automation and even the domain (I liked the domain). So I want to learn more about this radio broadcasting stuff. So I started my thesis also here.

Camille: And do you like it?

Sathya: Yeah very much.

Camille: Do you think you’re going to pursue a career in audio?

Sathya: Yeah of course. Because even previously I have some experience in voice recognition system, and I also worked in some telecommunications-related or WIP-phones. And even this is something like related to that. Again communications. So yeah I’m interested to pursue further. Yeah.

DAVID Systems · Women in Tech + Radio #4 – Camille Bondeville & Sathya Chandrakala

Camille: Where was your first working experience then?

Sathya: I first did my bachelor’s in electronics and communication in India.

Camille: Ok.

Sathya: And after that I joined as a software tester in India itself, I worked there. And then I took a parental break, like a career break was there.

Camille: Ok.

Sathya: Then we moved here to Germany Munich and then I started my masters.

Camille: Ok. Did you feel a difference in between your work experience in India and your work experience here with regards to diversity?

Sathya: Yeah. A lot actually because in India… it’s like in a team, out of 10, there will be 5 women and 5 men. It’s equal. So I didn’t feel any difficulty there. Like as a group you work. And those things, when I came here and I worked in a big company here. And I was shocked because that I was the only woman on the company floor. I feel there is more responsibility. Yeah. That’s the main difference.

Camille: Is it because you think more women are studying in STEM fields in India than in Europe for instance?

Sathya: Yeah. There are like more women are interested in technical stuff in India. But here I don’t think so. Even in my Masters, in my entire class, for example this motor design class, I was the only woman.

Camille: Ah yeah. And how about the teachers?

Sathya: I had one day one woman teacher.

Camille: So it shows quite a big difference between countries.

Sathya: Yes.

Camille: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Sathya: I’m very happy to be a tester now and then in five years I want to be a manager. Leading a group of people and taking responsibilities. There should be a clear career path. If there is a clear career path that shows growth then I can stay there.

Camille: It’s a question of opportunities as well…

Sathya: Opportunities. Yes.

Camille: … That come your way.

Sathya: Exactly.

Camille: So what would be your advice to any girl that wants to start studying in the STEM fields or any woman who wants to start in the audio industry?

Sathya: Actually there should not be fear. They should come out of the fear and the comfortable zone. Because when I came and joined Hochschule München, like 60 percentage of the subjects were in German. I started learning it from 2014 actually. That is nothing like impossible. You can do it. I learned the language and then I did all my studies. Technical things in German… So that fear, we should overcome the fear and we have to come out of the comfortable zone. So that is important. Oh yeah self-confidence should be there.

Camille: Do you think self-confidence also builds up with every experience you have?

Sathya: Yes. With the experience and also if you’re not good at some technology, if you learn and spend time for it, you learn things then automatically the self-confidence also will improve.

Camille: That makes sense.

Well thank you very much for taking some time to come on the podcast today. We’ll see you guys for the next episode!

Sathya: Okay. Thanks for this opportunity to share my thoughts!

Camille: Bye!

Sathya: Bye!

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