Hello and welcome to the Women in Tech and Radio podcast. My name is Camille and I’ll be your host. I’m a Guerilla Marketing Manager at DAVID Systems, which is an enterprise software company in audio. We’re based in Munich Germany.

I’m very excited about this podcast which will consist in a series of interviews with great women in tech. So sit back and enjoy.

Camille: Hello and welcome to this newest episode of women in tech and radio. I’m really excited to have Julia on the episode today.

Julia: Hello! Very nice to be here.

Camille: Could you please tell me a bit about yourself?

Julia: Yes! I am a working student at DAVID Systems and I work for Team Galileo in web development.

Camille: You said you were a student worker, what are you studying at the moment?

Julia: I just finished my bachelor. I work for a Medieninformatik at LMU (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität).

Camille: Congratulations!

Julia: Thank you!

Camille: What are you going to do afterwards?

Julia: I start with a master’s degree.

Camille: Why did you choose to come to DAVID? And also, why did you choose to pursue these studies at LMU in Medieninformatik?

Julia: I actually never planned to do Medieninformatik but when I finished school, I was looking for something to do. And then I had this friend and he just started with the studies as well in Regensburg and he showed us what he already did or what he already learned. And it was a super cool app where it was some kind of augmented reality app… And it was a game where you have to chase your friends in the city and it was just so much fun running through the city with all your friends as a bunch of 18 year olds. I don’t know. So I thought maybe I want to do this too. And that’s how I started it. I came here to DAVID systems because of a friend this well from uni. He was really glad to be here and now I started here. And I’m glad you’re here too.

Camille: Good cycle. What are your impressions on the radio industries so far?

Julia: I like it, it’s a lot going on. It’s a very.. I think open minded. It’s very modern. I don’t know I like it because it’s connecting to people it’s not just.. you don’t sit in front of the computer and say “Yeah it’s just for me”, but it’s for people.

DAVID Systems · Women in Tech + Radio #3 – Camille Bondeville & Julia Huber

Camille: And would you see yourself pursuing your career in the audio industry?

Julia: Maybe. It’s interesting obviously so yeah.

Camille: About women in tech and radio. Why did you agree to do this podcast?

Julia: I think it’s good to put some focus on the role of women in tech because at the moment there’s still a gender gap.

Camille: And do you see this kind of gap in your studies in Medieninformatik?

Julia: Not really. I mean I think there’s a little more boys than girls but I think it’s kind of equal actually. In Munich. I did a Erasmus semester in Spain and it was totally different. Me and my friend from Munich were the only two girls in many of the classes. And the teacher and also our classmates they were kind of surprised and didn’t know how to handle the situation which was actually funny for us. But they started to agree on that and that it was it felt kind of good to…

Camille: To be part of the first ones?

Julia: To be part of the first ones, yeah.

Camille: And do you think it’s important to focus on this not only on an educational level but also on a company level then?

Julia: Sure. But yeah I would say nowadays that women actually show interest in these kinds of topics. As well in IT as in radio or so, there are a lot of open minded people and they are happy to welcome the women.

Camille: So once we start raising this awareness, you think that it’s gonna be easy to go on afterwards.

Julia: I could imagine. I mean as a woman you should be confident enough. I once met a girl who asked me what I do and I told her and she imagines it’s so hard, especially as a woman… And I didn’t really get why she said it because why should it be harder for me to do this kind of stuff… just because I’m a woman?

Camille: Women are just as capable as men to…

Julia: Do some Maths…

Camille: Yeah exactly.

Julia: Depending on your experience of course, I mean if I struggle then it’s because of my experience and not because I’m a woman.

Camille: Yeah of course. So what would be your advice to any woman who wants to start a career in the audio or the tech industry?

Julia: Just try to do it. Go for it. You can do it. It will be hard for anybody not just for you.

Because you’re as smart as the others.

Camille: Well thank you very much for this advice and thank you for coming today.

Julia: Thank you for inviting me.

Camille: And we’ll see you guys for the next episode! Bye!

Julia: Bye!

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