Imagine you’re a radio producer. You want to use your Apple Watch to browse through available radio shows and select the ones you’re interested in? As soon as the show has started, you want to see a countdown indicating the time of the running element?

With DAVID Systems you can do all that. The new show browser app on the Apple Watch launched at IBC 2015 provides you with access to the most important information on your upcoming or currently running radio show. No matter if you are running a show remotely reporting live from an event or sitting in the studio: Your Apple Watch reminds you on important steps in your show like your live moderation – a discreet haptic touch on your wrist is all you need. Come to our booth 3.A31 to see a live demo of the new watch app from DAVID Systems or follow us on Twitter using @DAVID_Systems.


150907 Watch Mockup Teaser

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