Remote Radio

You don’t need to be chained to your studio to run your show. You can go remote. We provide tools to monitor and control the rundown of shows from a browser—or, with the new TurboWatch App, you can have critical show information presented to you right on your wrist. A simple, silent tap will notify you of important events.


Kevin is producer of a popular live radio show with Mike as the host. Kevin’s main goal is to get the show were the audience is. On the same hand he needs to know if the show is ready for prime time no matter were they broadcast from.


Mike is the host of his stations biggest show.Mike needs be in control of the show and content at all times without the need to take the whole studio on the go.

  • Get closer to your audience
  • Stay in control of content and rundown
  • Provide the right user interface at the right time



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