Release 2020.1.0 is now available and extends value to our DigaCare customers in the areas of Media Production, Content Management, Workflow Framework, search within DigaSystem and more. You can find more information about the release in our release notes on the LEARN page.

Highlights include:

Easy Sharing

Gain more robust editing with our new AAF Export and enhanced efficiency in Reporter Box.

In addition, transcription integration reaches the next level in productivity improvements with Speech-To-Text available in Reporter Box! 

The latest release includes the ability to hand over your projects peacefully from DAVID Audio Editors to Avid ProTools thanks to AAF Export. You can find more information about the AAF Export Workflow in this 
YouTube video!

Work from anywhere

We’re always looking to add greater flexibility to allow you to work anywhere, and with the new release is a new direct interface between Browser Bridge and Content Manager. In addition, we have a new set of smart, accessible applications to help you at home or on the road. To learn more about how to stay On Air from anywhere, visit our DigAS@Home 
YouTube page.

Improved Readability and Design

We’ve emphasized the importance of readability and design in Web apps to improve the user experience.

All DPE web apps and WebDA have new default designs to answer your users needs and give you a more seamless experience within DigAS. 

Listening In Action “Release” Show

We’ll do it Live! You are invited to our first Listening In Action Release Show on Thursday, May 28th 2020 at 13:10!

Think of it as a mini-Customer Conference event. This live online event will feature guest appearances by:

  • Julien Colnot of RCF on some DigAS@Home use cases,
  • Albert Menacher on DAVID’s efforts on working from home and returning to the office,
  • Members of the PM team leading a discussion on achievements for Release 2020.1.0.

Please click below below to receive link to the Event!

Get the code!

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