DAVID’s Release 2019.1.0 is now available and includes introductions, updates and improvements in the areas of DBM 5.2, Workflow Editor, and more.

In addition, you can learn more about the future of ROAD and scheduling atomized content with WebDigAIRange.

You can review highlights below or go directly to the Release Notes on our Learn page, for more detailed information.

The Trigger Effect: Streamlined Efficiency

We kick off with Workflow Triggers in DBM 5.2. The Triggers allow end users to launch their workflows more efficiently.

Trigger Smart Publishing

As a journalist, talent or producer you’re always looking for more productive methods to publish social media. Smart publishing is a workflow that allows you to publish your content to social media directly from your content manager. Send content quickly to your audience via social media with this smart trigger.

Trigger Loudness

This Workflow Trigger enables producers or editors to expand their loudness analysis across several entries simultaneously, simplifying this time-consuming task. 

Contact Jürgen to learn more about DBM 5.2 or a Workflow Editor workshop.

Workflow Triggers in DBM 5.2

And more with Release 2019.1.0 

Workflow Editor

Personalize your workflows and tailor them to your unique needs with the Workflow Editor. Maximize freedom and flexibility with customized workflows.

Metadata Origins in Content Production

There’s a new genealogy solution as part of DBM 5.2 and Content Manager 1.14. An administrator can now track the metadata origins of any entry within the DigaSystem ecosystem. We hope you’ll enjoy this metadata enhancement as much as we do.

Coming Soon…

ROAD Build Up

ROAD is the ultimate audio back end service for audio processing, accessible via API, controlled in real-time and open for integration. As we continue over the Summer, we concentrate our efforts on use cases that demonstrate both the efficiency and flexibility of ROAD. We are happy to report progress on two major use cases around Studio Recording and 24/7 recording.

Contact Björn to get more involved in ROAD.

Rundown Scheduler with a Twist

Producers and journalists will have the opportunity to schedule atomized content for configured distribution endpoints with WebDigAIRange. You will be able to schedule your story, including pictures and video, for any endpoint, including social media and smart speakers.

Ask Alex for more information over the summer.

Self-driving BUS

For administrators wanting BUS to run as a standard Windows Service – we heard you! Please sign up to participate in the Beta and the update will appear in the next few weeks. Enhance your security by allowing BUS to drive itself.

State of the Art Authentication

Administrators will also gain enhanced security, via state of the art authentication and standard protocols, available in the next version of DPE Spine. 

In addition, enhanced login of workflows will be included with the release of Workflow System 2.0. Get instantaneous notifications when errors occur, directing you to the exact source of the issue, allowing you to fix your workflows quickly.

Latest Gossip at the Customer Care Desk

The CCD and transfer portals are out of Beta. The Customer Care Desk has a streamlined workflow for our ticket system with easy access, constant known feedback and request channel.

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