DAVID’s Release 2018.2.0 is now available and includes introductions, updates and improvements in the areas of Content Management, Media Production and Playout.

You can review highlights below or go directly to the Release Notes on our Learn pages for more detailed information.

Fast Finding

You can now find your content in Content Manager more easily and faster than ever before.

Faceted search allows a user to search like one shops as it enables easy, intuitive filter based search in content management workflows. Incorporating search into your workflows has never been simpler. 

Please view Jürgen’s Dev Diary regarding finding content faster here.

Optimizing Resources

Automated Metadata Transfer 
The manual transfer of metadata, to create a rerun for example, has typically been an arduous task. The development of “Automated Metadata Transfer” in our Smart Reruns workflow now offers you a simple, resourceful way to create reruns of your shows.

Look to the future for new uses of Automated Metadata Transfer to optimize resources and save time.

Get More Efficient with Media Directory Profiles
The Media Directory Profile workflow helps admins of radio stations serving multiple localities push media files to the exact physical file location where needed. The efficiency created can greatly reduce the number of servers necessary as well as reduce data traffic.


Ubiquity is a major theme for DAVID. Providing customers the ability to run a radio show from any device, anywhere is the next step for the reinvention of radio and the reimagination for what is a studio.

Schedule Ubiquity is a new workflow in Release 2018.2.0 for news programs that is a complete browser-based News Planning solution which allows users to build a story containing pictures, text, audio and video from anywhere. It allows users to combine assets being created “on the go” with media from the DigaSystem tables.

The Newsdesk now travels with you wherever you go. Alex Bauer provides a “How To” use the new workflow in a video here.

The Schedule Ubiquity workflow was created with the contribution of EAO. EAO stands for Embedded Audio Objects. Stephen Harwood, the product owner for EAO states, “EAO is the audio thing that does audio stuff.”

The Breadth of Transcription Integration

For Release 2018.2.0 Express Editing has been updated so an accurate text can be repurposed and published in other workflows.

What is more, Transcription Integration will go above and beyond more efficient Audio Editors. Transcription Integration can optimize editing, publishing and search. In addition, look to the future of an Express Editing offer in SubClip Editor, WebDigAIRange and other appropriate products. 

Save the Date – Customer Conference 2019

Please save the dates of Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12 for Customer Conference 2019 in Munich, Germany. Please contact Martin Uhlarz to RSVP.

You can also see DAVID at the following 2019 events:

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