DAVID’s power packed Release 2018.1.0 is now available and includes introductions, updates and improvements to our Database Manager (DBM), MultiTrack Editor (MTE), Web TurboPlayer (WebTP), WebDigAIRange (WebDA) and much more.

In addition, we have a mandatory update regarding your privacy as it pertains to GDPR.

You can review highlights below or go directly to the Release Notes on our LEARN pages for more detailed information.


DBM V.5 – A New Attitude

DBM sizzles with a new, re-branded look. The new attitude maintains the rock solid foundation of our database media management while leaning forward to the future.

DBM v5 has an updated, consistent user interface balanced for modern operating systems. The update has DPI aware screen scaling so it can be used effectively on high resolution monitors.


Navigate Faster with Speech to Text*** 

Navigate your audio faster than ever with our new Speech to Text addition to our family of Audio Editors (MTE, STE, ETE). This tool allows you to automatically analyze audio via a text transcription. Through synchronized selection of text and audio, you can attain simplified, prompt editing.

The highlighting of playout position, synched markers and search results all make your editing experience more efficient with Speech to Text.

There are also new improvements for MTE and other audio editors with new Reverb support and Multi-Clipboard capabilities for better organization.

Watch – Speech to Text inside DAVID Audio Editors – “How to” Video 

***Please note: Speech to Text requires a 3rd party integration. Speech to Text is an add-on to the latest edition of the Audio Editors. Please contact Martin Uhlarz to discuss.


Experience the Playout and Scheduling Release Demo 

The improvements in our playout and scheduling focus help three different groups:

  • Developers– The latest SDK allows developers to use the BCS Search Service API to build their own web apps to search rundown related data.
  • Administrators– The Broadcast Server can run as a Windows Service to make an Administrator’s life much easier.
  • End Users– With our web apps, we’ve made a user’s life easier with concepts like Pop Up Radio that allows one to effectively re-invent the concept of a radio station simply with a smart phone and/or tablet.
You can now check out a portion of improvements in a cool, innovative “Release 2018.1.0 Demo.”

The demo is loaded with updates to get you familiar with the modernization of our web apps, WebDigAIRange and WebTurboPlayer. When entering the demo select one of the shows to interact and witness with the new features with the demo content:

  • *New* StoryBox – a Pre-production story building component in WebDigAIRange that provides recording and text editing.
  • WebTurboPlayer optimized for mobile devices and pre-listening audio elements.
  • All running in a public cloud with a public stream.
  • *New* SearchBox – acting as an API or WebService, it allows users to easily search through all shows. Search for any elements, metadata field and text. (*Not included in Demo).
Watch – Web DigAIRange 5-part Series 
  1. Overview
  2. Scheduling
  3. Build a Story
  4. Recording VOs
  5. Editing Markers
If you have any questions regarding the demo please contact Alex Bauer.



If you have not done previously, please take the opportunity to check out our new Learn platform page. It’s currently in a beta phase and we’d like to get your thoughts. You can find the Release Notes and related videos on the Learn pages.

The Learn page offers documentation and videos for DAVID components and services. We currently have information on DPE-based Web Applications and the Audio Editors family.

You now have easy access to topics ranging from navigating Content Manager to performing an EDL export in MTE with the Learn platform.


Content Manager & Family Improvements

For DPE, we have new User & Group administration without Silverlight. Content Manager can create and work with stories as well as create, read, update and delete comments attached to entries. SubClip Editor can now edit targeted lengths and you can find your supclips faster by using the new filter.

Updates with Workflow System allow you to save network bandwidth by processing your media files in the proximity of your media storage. In addition, you can analyze your workflows (list) in seconds with Workflow Monitor’s faceted search.


GDPR – Updated Privacy Policy & Terms

As of the 25th of May, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect across all EU members. The GDPR is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union.

We have made changes to our privacy policy to provide clarity on the data we maintain, how it is used, as well as, choices you have regarding the use of your data.

We use our newsletter to update you on products, services and events. We received your contact information through business relationship, meetings, business card exchange, badge scans, trades shows, etc.

For our newsletter and related communication, we only store your name and email. We will continue our conversation with a similar style unless you indicate that you no longer want to hear from us by unsubscribing. Additionally, you can use any other DAVID channel to tell us you would like no more communications. Naturally, you can change your mind at any time to bid farewell.

Further information and the possibility for retraction can be found here:  /corporate-legal-notice/.


Events 2018

You can also see DAVID at the following 2018 events:

  • IBC (Amsterdam)                                              Sept. 14-18

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