Release 2017.1.1

The 2017.1.1 Release Notes update can be found here.

MTE 7 – Now Available!

The beta period has ended and MTE 7, ETE 7 and STE 7 are now available. 

MultiTrack, EasyTrack & SingleTrack have a whole new look. Fresher, more dynamic, more appealing. A new UI that makes your editing more colorful and come alive with the following:

  • Modern, dynamic user interface
  • Easily access meta data
  • Simplified recording workflows
  • Improved pre-listening
  • Intuitive access to most important features
  • New phase analysis and correction optimization
  • Track routing to support multiple ASIO output channels


Newsroom to Rundown goes bi-directional

As part of Release 2017.1.1,  our rundown exchange with ENPS is now bi-directional. With great flexibility you can make changes in the ENPS newsrooms system, DigAIRange or TuboPlayer. All synchronized automatically to reduce your work and streamline your workflows.

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