Release 2017.1.0

Release 2017.1.0

Our latest release is now available and includes introductions, updates and improvements to our WebDigAIRange, DigAIRange, MultiTrack Editor (MTE), DBM, the DPE Family of products & services and much more.

For more details, please review the Release Notes.

MTE 7: True Colors


MultiTrack, EasyTrack & SingleTrack have a whole new look. Fresher, more dynamic, more appealing. A new UI that makes your editing more colorful and come alive.

Want to take a test drive? Sign up to be included on the beta list.

Schedule Ubiquity

The concept of Schedule Ubiquity provides you the opportunity and flexibility to prepare your rundown from anywhere you want using your mobile phone, tablet or computer. The licensing is structured to include the usage of both WebDigAIRange and DigAIRange so it’s available on the go and at the station
Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.53.13
You will have the ability to see only what you want to see with context-sensitive scheduling and a responsive design to fit all devices. The magnitude of what you can accomplish from the palm of your hand is amazing as you can pre-listen, edit Metadata, as well as, set fades and playout markers. Moreover, you can interface with modules like Subclip Editor to create Podsnacks or correct inconsistencies on the go as you have a fast, easy integration with Consistency Check.

To learn more about Schedule Ubiquity, please sign up for our webinar on Thursday, June 8th.


Content Manager & Friends: Simple, Secure, Sublime

Simple, secure & sublime, that’s how we describe the improvements to Content Manager and other members of the DPE family.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 13.51.47

We’ve made Content Manager, RoughCut Edit, Subclip Editor, Workflow Systems more fluid, more reactive and more intuitive. State of the art one click export, simplified recording workflows and improved drag and drop are only a taste of features that we’ve developed to make your life easier.



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