DAVID continues its long term partnership with Radiodays Europe. This year’s event will run from March 31 – April 2 in Lausanne, Switzerland. It will be great to see friends and associates. We have a Q&A panel session, mentoring at RadioHack Europe and have an experimental experience for mobile journalist. You can find us everywhere at the show.

Session: Reinventing Radio in a SMART Way

Date: Monday , April 1, 2019
Time: 11:15 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.

There’s a constant yin and yang for a radio station on what needs to be completed today for maximum efficiency while planning for a future with boundless opportunities. You have to develop for the broadcast ecosystem today while integrating a digital infrastructure. How can technology bring the different worlds together in the most efficient manner for content creators and the audience as a whole. A diverse collection of leaders will discuss and debate their approaches  programming for Smart Speakers, tackling content atomization and more.

Partnering & Mentoring at RadioHack Europe

This is the 3rd year DAVID will be partnering with Radio Hack Europe. Radio Hack Europe by Radiodays Europe is an open development and prototyping event around the theme “Radio and media of tomorrow”, which is intended for anyone interested in shaping the future of radio in Europe.

Particularly exciting is that DAVID’s Albert Menacher will be a mentor at the event. The Radio Hack goes from March 29-31.

Fast & Curious with the Radio Ecosystem

Vincent Benveniste, President of Radio Act, will be hosting a table at the Fast & Curious networking sessions on Sunday, March 31st from 16:45 to 17:45 at the Exhibition Area, STCC for Radiodays.

The session is titled, “Working More Closely with the Radio Ecosystem Members – Mutualizing our efforts!” Fast & Curious are free flowing conversations that last 10 minutes per table.

Fueled by EAO

We will be sharing a number of experiences that are made with EAO. Think of EAO as technology to supercharge development of audio stuff to do audio things. All done in a universal format. Completely secure, connected to your ecosystem.

Apps and workflows enabled by EAO for Radiodays include:

A Mobile Journalist Editor (MJE) fueled by EAO. When you’re on the road and you need to do quick editing and send your work back to the mothership. Benefits include universal device usage, automated metadata entry and seamless connection to the database.

Instant Content Access fueled by EAO. A Producer can explore and edit material a mobile journalist has submitted abroad. A Producer can seamlessly work and edit content within the ecosystem.

Remote 2-way fueled by EAO. High quality phone interviews made easy between 2 parties. Benefits include seamless connection to the ecosystem, a high quality alternative to Skype and related apps and cost savings for no human travel or expensive lines.

Audience Feedback fueled by EAOA channel for the audience to contribute content for their favorite show. Benefit is that provides interaction between audience and host. Producer can change content on the fly based on audience preference.

Embedded Storybox fueled by EAO. “Drop” an audio story into a newsroom, scheduler or any other similar element. Benefits include seamless audio insertion in multiple areas for a producer, journalist or talent.

Three Audio Centric Apps fueled by EAO

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