DAVID will be once again participatng in Radiodays Europe. This year’s event will run from March 18-20 in Vienna. You’ll be able to find us at our session, at the RadioHack Europe and we will have a demo (but you won’t have to be at our booth to see it).

Session: It’s Time to Step Up Our Game

Date: Monday, March 19th, 2018
Time: 11:10 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.

Radio is approaching a world with no boundaries. Production and delivery are ubiquitous and it’s entering a new world of integration. This shift touches the entire radio ecosystem, from journalists to programmers to finance. It’s a fast moving world that has to consider how to best use AI, deliver new media content to Voice Assistants, maintain leadership in Podcasts and preserve brand and content integrity in a world of “Fake News.”

DAVID will host a Q&A session with industry leaders on suggestions to step up our game and build a better Radio platform. The roundtable includes Radio Futurologist, James Cridland and Bruno Téznas du Montcel of Radio Act.  The session will be moderated by DAVID’s Sr. Director of Marketing Dave Watson.

“Pop-Up Radio” (Not) at DAVID Booth

We will be teaming up with the guys at M94,5 for our “demo” and you won’t have to go DAVID’s booth to see since the show will be happening wherever the action “Pops Up.” “Pop-Up Radio” is an extension of our Ubiquity based solutions that allows journalist, talent, producers etc. the flexibility to take the studio experience anywhere content is happening. People can simply do this with a data-enabled smartphone or tablet. Mobility made easy.

In addition, we’ll be making Podsnacks, tasty bite sized pieces of content, during the live mobile portion of the M94,5/DAVID show.

RadioHack Europe sponsored by DAVID

DAVID will be active in the RadioHack Europe event at Radiodays Europe from March 17-19. The idea of the hack is to bring people together who want to develop new innovation in a new and exciting way for radio. The participants, who will be divided into teams, have two days to develop their innovation. The innovation can come in almost any form as long as it functions and is something that hasn’t been seen before. We had a great time last year and we couldn’t wait to both participate again this year.

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