Optimize your users’ experience with Radio on the move, teamwork and Integrated Multimedia production

Rough Cut Edit for journalists editing inside the web browser, a Turbowatch App for radio producers, Enterprise Framework for end-to-end loudness service: These are a few highlights that enterprise software company DAVID Systems is presenting new innovative software solutions at this years’ IBC’s annual exhibition in Amsterdam from September 11th to 15th. These software solutions are developed and designed to make workflows faster and more collaborative at media organizations, especially radio stations all over the world. DAVID’s software also enhances mobility.

As an example for more collaborative working at media organizations, DAVID is showing how to realize parallel audio production workflows. This way experts are able to contribute to radio shows whenever needed. Plus: Radio producers can improve the quality of the listening experience without compromising time to air with a loudness feature set allowing each channel to broadcast at the desired levels.

The experts and engineers from DAVID are available to engage on faster workflows at media organizations. Like with Rough Cut Edit, an exclusive DAVID product, simple edits of videos are at journalists reach with any web browser.

Examples for more mobile working and editing can also be experienced on the show floor. Visitors can get in radio producer’s shoes and use an iphone app for browse through their radio shows and Apple watch see a countdown in an element and be notified at their wrist before they need to be live on air. Produce and playout over IP with AES67, RAVENNA and EMBER+ and in the Cloud will also be demonstrated on DAVID’s show floor.


Vincent Benveniste, Co-owner & CEO of DAVID Systems: “Our visitors will experience our solutions in an evermore interactive way, online, at their wrist, in the cloud. DAVID Systems is renowned for its modularity, we aspire to be seen as an agile and creative business partner, committed to customer success in their mission.”

> IBC Press Release

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