In Tune with Radio’s Future

The world of radio is changing rapidly. Your listeners have more choices than ever before. Gone are the days when over-the-air live broadcast were the only choice. Today, streaming audio of both live and on-demand broadcasts—to any number of devices and media from desktop computers to tablets and cell phone—means you have to be agile in your approach to content creation and production. And with 24-hour news cycles, you have to be efficient at every step from story idea to multiple delivery platform. Listeners want instant gratification.

Listening In Action

Listening in Action is the key to leading in a new world of radio everywhere. And it is the essential concept at every step from suppliers and strategic partners to stations to the listening audience.

For radio stations, Listening in Action means listening to your audience and to the market forces shaping the new world. You need to fill the new paths to your listeners with the appropriate content at the appropriate time.

Today’s radio is creating new workflows, new responses to the forces of the market. Internally, Listening in Action allows better collaboration, greater efficiency, and the ability to serve your audience better.

But your success means developing partnerships with like-minded stakeholders who also practice Listening in Action. At DAVID, we listen to your needs for more efficient and streamlined production, for faster and easier collaboration. We heard your need for tools and services that are easier to use, more powerful in capabilities, and highly integrated into a comprehensive ecosystem. We heard what you like and dislike about our products—and to your wish list to help you excel in the fast-changing world.

Listening In Action Is Not a One-Way Street.

It is collaborative. We need to hear not only what you say, but, more importantly, what you mean. It is not always about what you think you need, but about what goal you want to achieve. We may have innovative insights that will help you reach your goal. For example, you might say you want to improve workflows. But maybe what you need are new approaches to workflows, ones that recognize the new world of today’s—and tomorrow’s—radio.

Listening Produces Action

Listening in Action is pointless without a result. As a result of listening, we use our expertise to produce software solutions to help you meet and align your creative and business goals. We allow you to “pull” better solutions from us by articulating your vision of where you station is heading.

Listeners in Action

Count on DAVID Systems for the solutions that, in the end, enable your audience to consume your output on its own terms. Through choice, your audience goes beyond passive listens of live broadcast. They become active listeners.




Post: July 12, 2016

Here at DAVID Systems we’re working hard to create a unique and engaging program at IBC 2016 for people like you — our customers and partners. As David, we engage on the personal communication side of your business and with Systems we offer solutions. At IBC, we’ll be demonstrating our latest workflows and services AND we want to listen to you to better understand how we can improve your current media ecosystem.

We invite you to meet with us at IBC, September 9-13. You can find us at Hall 3 Booth A31. Please let us know the day and time to meet and we will make it happen.

For updates on our plans at IBC, please bookmark this page for updates. See you in September.

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