Visual Radio: Under Your Control

Intimate Connections / Instant Command

If playout is the heartbeat of the radio factory to which everything must be synchronized, how do you ensure all your applications follow suit? How do you get playout to talk to visual radio? How do you maintain control of your program?

The answer is that you can “glue” different systems together to make the incompatible compatible. This allows for instant command of your playout and rundown with your Visual Radio. It provides your Producer control of the visual radio program without the expense of creating a television channel or expensive video output.

Plan and Play Together

Broadcast radio and visual radio evolved with different technology roots. Our approach enables technologies to play together. For Administrators it is an easier system to run, Producers an efficient planning opportunity, and there is no need for advanced developer skills.

Visualize Your Impact

Play a music video that is synchronized to your playout: the audio is live and synced to the video. Generate chyrons, information slides, social media feeds, and weather and traffic info keyed to your playout. Producers can create content “offline” with the confidence that it will appear on screen at the right time—in the right context. You have the command to skin your visual radio to your preference to drive audience loyalty and potential sponsorship opportunities. Visualize real-time results without the need for unnecessary work.

There’s no burden on Talent and no worries about whether everything is synced and working together; that becomes pretty handy when breaking news requires your full control.


Visual Radio: Under Your Control at IBC 2016

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Visual Radio: Under Your Control — Social Integration

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