Smart Compliance: Royalties

Automated Tracking and Reporting

Simply put: tracking and reporting royalties is a time-consuming hassle. Creating spreadsheets, entering data, cross-referencing the data, preparing reports—you don’t like the process, the time involved, or the expense.

DAVID Systems has a better way. By enabling metadata, you can easily track and report your royalty payments. Now, Accountants can automatically generate reports and payments. You can use the information at any level of granularity from a single top-level number down to individual songs or songwriters.

The process is automated by tracking usage and generating reports with a few clicks of a mouse to save time, money, and offer smart compliance.

The Start of Something Big

This is only the beginning. We can turn this type of workflow beyond royalties. The same philosophy for leveraging metadata can drive innovative efficiencies in web publishing and Visual Radio to name a few. It will help Journalists and Producers spend more time creating great content and less time on manual processes.


Learn more about Playout Ubiquity and other workflows at IBC 2016.
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