Smart Compliance: Loudness

Easy on the Ears

Are you worrying about being Loudness compliant? Why?

DAVID enables one-click automatic adjustments to audio levels. You can even normalize audio at the preproduction stage to automate the process so it is done seamlessly and easily. You’ll save time and effort going on air with Loudness compliance.

You can provide a gift to your listeners as you increase listener satisfaction by eliminating sound excursions that are too loud or too quiet. Give listeners a consistently enjoyable experience without the need for them to adjust volume levels.

One Solution: Many Applications

The Loudness workflow builds an audio backbone that can be deployed throughout the company, working with the same consistency and simplicity for any group that needs loudness control. As you implement loudness control throughout the company, you only need implement a single system that can be used by everyone. Producers get simple, easy-to-use normalization; Talent doesn’t have to worry about inconsistent levels, and Management is satisfied.

And today is just the beginning. DAVID is gaining new sophistication in the areas of the audio backbone with more powerful algorithms and future loudness applications.


Learn more about Smart Compliance: Loudness and other workflows at IBC 2016.
Visit DAVID at Booth 3 A31.

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