Countdown to IBC 2016 - Playout Ubiquity

Experience the Freedom of a Mobile Studio in Your Hands – Everywhere

The tablet is the studio. Now, it is easier than ever to operate your rundown and broadcast remotely in real time. You no longer have to imagine a mobile studio you can take everywhere. It is here today. With DAVID’s Web TurboPlayer and TurboPlayer Service, you can eliminate the delays caused by the back and forth communications. Everybody is connected in real time, anywhere, and shares the same information.

Imagine the flexibility and simplicity of having a remote studio in the palm of your hand. Not only is it lightweight and highly portable, it takes the concept of mobility to new levels of easy use and convenience. Mobile Ubiquity offers a solution that’s elegant, rich in features and capabilities, and simple to use.

Achieve New Levels of Collaboration

Get instant collaboration between the remote team and studio for more efficient playout.

Remote Talent can easily run the show, choosing the elements to play, adjusting the order, adding jingles, and pre-listening to the results. The home studio can view and collaborate simultaneously and Managers can watch the playdown live—instead of waiting to hear it via broadcast.

Administrators will find the flexibility to configure the system to match their vision. They can easily find old set ups as well as monitor the progress of the UI.

Make It Your Own

Web TurboPlayer has a clean, modern interface that is easily customized to fit the needs of various end users and application environments. Not only can you add additional players, rundowns, and buttons, you can adjust the user interface. And multiple users—Talent, Producer, Manager—can have a user interface customized to fit specific needs or devices.


Playout Ubiquity at IBC 2016

Playout Ubiquity – We’re Listening

Playout Ubiquity – In Action

Playout Ubiquity – Customization

Playout Ubiquity – Studer In Action 

Playout Ubiquity – Studer Collaboration

Playout Ubiquity – The Tablet is the Studio



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