Personalized Playout: Newsroom

Streamline Your News Playout Workflow

Great playout tools don’t always translate into smooth, efficient broadcasts. Now, Journalists and On Air Talent can remove cumbersome steps in their workflows. Everyone has access to the same content to allow better collaboration.

Big Gains . . . Without the Pain

A constant complaint we hear is the difficulty of using competitive playout systems. They can disrupt collaboration, require too many steps, and in general make things less efficient than they should be. DAVID’s TurboPlayer overcomes these limitations and it can be easily customized to look exactly how an end user feels most comfortable. In short, it makes playouts simple and easy. It’s simple to add a recording of a text element to your rundown or to switch from a live story to automated playout, even in the last second. Use the teleprompter function and progress bars to help you to read the text within the correct timing. And it’s great for Reporters to get their interviews and stories into a live broadcast as they can send over files and a DigaMessage within the player ecosystem.

All ways to make your life easier and get the news story on air better.

Newsroom Agnostic

Our Personalized Playout: Newsroom is a modular building block you can easily integrate into your newsroom. It works with any MOS-based NRCS and it can look any way you like.


Personalized Playout: Newsroom at IBC 2016

Personalized Playout: Newsroom — We’re Listening

Personalized Playout: Newsroom — In Action

Personalized Playout: Newsroom — Remote Reporter

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