On-Demand Content Publishing

Publishing Your Programs Online Has Never Been Easier—or Faster

Getting your live broadcast content online can be a time-consuming process involving manual editing of the show recording. Taking time also means not meeting consumer expectations for immediacy. What if there was something better, more efficient? On-Demand Content Publishing offers an easy-to-use streamlined workflow that turns your recorded show and metadata into online, on-demand content with virtually no effort.

Building a Better Ecosystem

On-Demand Content Publishing is a new form of collaboration. Broadcast assets are shared digitally in a natural, organic manner and the workflow solution integrates tools you are familiar with.

On-Demand Content Publishing enables collaboration between broadcast and web by using the underlying information from broadcast to automate web publishing.  By building this bridge your business gains greater efficiencies and control, and your audience benefits through earlier access to high-quality content.


On-Demand Content Publishing at IBC 2016

On-Demand Content Publishing

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