Find It Fast

DAVID is changing the way you experience search. We are making it easier, faster and more accurate. Forget about complex query languages when you use our new intuitive wizard-based searches for fast, accurate results.

Already Faceted Search provides Administrators state-of-the-art interactive search patterns to breakdown large amounts of log data. With no clicks they can see how many log entries have been created per log level, computer and component and then narrow the search with the Faceted Search Wizard.

Simplify Troubleshooting

Spend less time searching. Prediction-based filtering provides smarter results and speeds searches to allow problems or other issues to be quickly identified instantly. Quicker identification means faster fixes, which, in turn, increases system stability and security.

The Future of Search Begins Here

The power and convenience of Faceted Search for Administrators will soon be extended for Journalists and Producers to make their lives simpler when it comes to searching for content and finding the proverbial data in the haystack.


Faceted Search at IBC 2016

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