Deliver the Right Content to the Right Platform at the Right Time

As audience choice increases, you can only achieve audience loyalty by delivering content to where your audience lives, whether it’s over the air, on the web, through social media, or something completely new. By putting content into the proper context easily and efficiently, you can drive operational and storytelling efficiency.

Contextualization is all about delivery—and the tools and services to deliver content anytime, anywhere.

It’s More than Distribution

Naturally, contextualization is highly focused on content and platform delivery as explained. However, it’s also about delivering the right tools and the right services for developing content and getting the right services to stakeholders in the right context.

Metadata Driven

As radio leverages digital technology, audio also becomes data. As with any information flow, metadata is key to managing the flow so that it can be stored, retrieved, and applied powerfully and simply. In short, leveraging metadata is one way to drive contextualization. The more powerful your metadata management, the more efficient you are. Metadata-driven workflows allow you to achieve high levels of automation.

DAVID Systems is focused on continuing to drive better contextualization of your content, tools and services.

At IBC 2016, DAVID will be demonstrating the following workflows to show how we are making contextualization easier and more productive:


Learn more about Contextualization and other workflows at IBC 2016.
Visit DAVID at Booth 3 A31.

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