Content Manager in Production

Manage Your Content to Make Your Story Shine

Web-based management of your content streamlines and simplifies story production by making content available anytime, anywhere. With central storage, the entire team has real-time access to content. Collaboration becomes easier and faster, you have more time to focus on the story rather than extraneous matters, and you can contextualize stories quickly and easily.

Content can be flexibly arranged and grouped to simplify searching and can be conveniently downloaded for editing and production.

The First Context-Sensitive Content Manager

The easy collaboration enabled by DAVID’s Content Manager makes it simpler to adapt and reshape stories for the appropriate medium.

You get the capabilities you have been asking for with intuitive features for easy use with no steep learning curve. The ability to organize your assets in new ways, to enable greater efficiencies and faster story production.

Easy to Maintain

Having content centrally stored and easily accessible creates a system that is simple to administer and easy to maintain. One change reaches everybody—without the hassles of updating everybody individually. There are no clients to maintain and manually update. Plus, with Content Manager, you can roll out new capabilities simply.


Content Management in Production at IBC 2016

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