Date: September 14-18

Location: RAI Amsterdam, Hall 8.A65

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POWER UP at IBC 2018

We understand that the radio industry is more dynamic than ever. There are more listeners with more listening options. It can feel overwhelming to both optimize tools for end users and create new experiences for your audience. The question typically comes down to: “How can we do more with less?”

For IBC 2018, Power Ups are represented by a series of workflows to help you answer this question.

The Power Ups of Super Speed, Omnipresence, Super Strength and Super Intelligence that can generate a boost from underpowered to supercharged.

Super Speed

The Super Speed Power Up brings your organization greater productivity, allowing your end users to spend more time on stories. Transcription Integration will improve your performance in the areas of audio editing and content management in dramatic fashion.

Björn Lamla, Product Manager, likes to describe the Express Editing workflow as having 99% more WOW. The workflow, with MTE 7 & our family of audio editors, visualizes your audio files, making navigation and editing a faster process.

Transcription Integration can also be found in the Fast Finding workflow, providing faster searching in Content Manager, and more ways to search. Additionally, the seamless integration with our Audio Editors allow instant editing when you open your audio files.


The Omnipresence Power Up enables users the freedom and capability to operate anytime, anywhere.

For journalists,this means the “Newsdesk” travels with you in the Schedule Ubiquity workflow and for Administrators this means that your “Service Desk” is always available in the Admin.Ubiquity workflow. In addition, the “Home Office” Manager workflow opens up greater capabilities for both journalists and talent. You can now do the same work at the train station that you can at the radio station.

Super Strength

The Super Strength Power Up brings greater skill and expertise and opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the re-invention of radio.

Utilizing our EAO SDK in your organization provides the power and talent of a dozen developers and initiates a potential treasure trove of web-based audio enhancements for end users and your audience alike.  EAO stands for Embedded Audio Objects and the EAO SDK is part of a larger web audio based service. As Stephen Harwood, product owner for the EAO SDK, states: “EAO SDK is the audio thing that does the audio stuff you need to power up your web apps.”

The Lean VOD workflow will make getting video to your social media platforms lightning fast and improve your audience experience. 

Super Intelligence

The Super Intelligence Power Up brings a level of inventiveness and ingenuity that will save time and increase content accessibility now and in the future.

Automated metadata transfer via our Smart Reruns workflow offers you a simple, resourceful way to create reruns of your show. Our Listener Feedback workflow empowers a show’s producer to perform content prototyping and enable the producer to adapt and alter a show based on real-time audience metrics.

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