Faster time to market with collaborative editing

See how a collaborative workflow can allow experts to contribute to your news creation right from where the news is happening. Along with other web-based applications, Subclip Editor enables a journalist stationed anywhere to contribute directly to the story by creating subclips and annotations on the interview media to support the in-house production team.

David is journalist and specialist for Asia in his stations newsrooms. Today he is working with James as editor. David will annotate the interview with the Chinese prime minister and mark the pieces he want James to use in the story. To personalize the piece David just recorded an intro he want James to add.
James is editor for the stations news show. His job is to produce content for the daily radio show. He needs the best tools to edit the content fast and easy.Today James is working for David today on a piece about China and for this he needs the recording of an interview with the prime minister.
  • Improve story creation experience for your journalists
  • Shortens time to air
  • Enable collaboration between departments by connecting tools


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