Monday, March 6th (12:00/Start) to Tuesday, March 7th (16:00/End)


DAVID Systems offices
Erika-Mann Str. 67
80636 Munich


Monday, March 6th 

12:00 to 14:00: Welcome – Lunch – Informal Networking (CANCOM Business Center)

14:00 to 16:45: Workshops

(Afternoon coffee/tea available between 15:00 and 16:00 in CANCOM Business Center)

16:45 to 17:00: Arthur Dornburg (CEO of Bluemove Mobility) presents on the outlook of e-mobility.

18:00 to 19:00: Electronic Vehicle Test Drives*** at Bluemove Mobility on Erika-Mann-Str 2 and/or arrival cocktails at La Forchetta (***You will need to sign a disclaimer to test drive any electronic vehicle. For your review, the disclaimer can be found here in English and German).

19:00: Dinner – La Forchetta (Walking distance from DAVID and Bluemove Mobility)

Tuesday, March 7th

9:00 to 12:00: Workshops

(Morning coffee/tea available between 10:00 and 11:00 in CANCOM Business Center)

12:00 to 13:00: Lunch (CANCOM Business Center)

13:00 to 16:00: Workshops

(Afternoon coffee/tea available between 14:00 and 15:00 in CANCOM Business Center)

16:00: Wrap up


For DAVID’s 2017 Customer Conference, we will implement a series of mini-events in the form of hands-on workshops and presentations called Operation: Cooperation. The conference will demonstrate that collaboration and cooperation are keys to developing solutions together. This year we will have a slight twist in getting you, our customers and partners, more involved in the workshop/presentation experience. Sessions include***:

Schedule Ubiquity with Alexandra Bauer, Robert Wolffgang & Igor Barman
Take a journey into the Broadcast System version 5, starting with “Schedule Ubiquity” using our new BCS Service & WebDigAIRange. Be one of the first users to try out remote scheduling in WebDigAIRange on several mobile devices and see how easy it is to program your own metadata entry mask. With developers, discuss possibilities to access the Broadcast System via WebServices. Special thanks to NRK for their cooperation.

Workflow Creation with Markus Reiter & Stephen Harwood
Markus and Stephen will provide ideation sessions with the new Workflow System. Potential workflow creations can be centered on Social Media, Metadata Enrichment, Integration or Exchange. Special thanks to NRK for their cooperation. 

DPE Labs with Jürgen Hillebrand & Wolfgang Seidl
The hands-on session with Jürgen and Wolfgang will explore prototypes and upcoming features for DPE. You will have the opportunity to look behind the scenes, gain powerful insights and explore a powerful evolution of Services and Web Apps. Special thanks to rbb for their cooperation.

Visual Radio: Under Your Control with Mark Rowe & Michael Wittmann
You can now plan your rundown to play with your Visual Radio. Open Visual Radio Integration will give you greater command of your VR content in both timing and creativity. Our hands-on demo will get you to think about all of the possibilities available. Special thanks to Antenne Steiermark for their cooperation.

Smart Royalties: Advanced Gema Segmentation and Login with Michael Wittmann
Taking GEMA royalty calculation to the next level, Michael will demonstrate new advanced methods to perform segmented royalty distribution. Special thanks to Antenne Bayern for their cooperation.

Playout Automation with Moritz Schall
Playout Automation taken to the next level – we will provide you insides into the concepts and the deployment of the France Médias Monde success story to automat the playout of 40 parallel programs distributed to 130 endpoints. Special thanks to Thum+Mahr for their cooperation.

“Digital First”Workflow Perspective with Albert Menacher & James Scannell 
What does a “standard” podcasting workflow look like when it is produced with a “digital first” mindset? Albert and James demonstrate what the Broadcasting Industry can learn from this perspective. Special thanks to Sveriges Radio for their cooperation.

Podcast Recipes for an Enterprise Environment with Albert Menacher, Hans Schleichert & Stephen Harwood
Albert, Hans and Stephen will perform a live set up to demonstrate how to push live content to social media in the form of PodSnacks.

MTE: True Colors with Björn Lamla & Nikolaus Nielsen
Get a sneak peak for the new-look MTE. Björn and Nikolaus are excited to present a new more dynamic UI that will bring your sound editing more alive. Dave, our marketing director, likes to say you can “Hear the Rainbow” with the next generation MTE.

OTM: What’s New! with Christian Bauer, Claudia Walther & Norbert Rapp
Find out what’s new with OTM as Christian, Claudia and Norbert deliver a hands-on demonstration of new features and enhancements with OTM 2.0.

TurboPlayer Ver. 5: What’s New with Thomas Evans & Carlos Oliveira
Get a better glimpse into our Playout solution as Thomas and Carlos will demo new possibilities with an improved TurboPlayer Version 5. Special thanks to M94,5 for their cooperation.

Futureproof Media Workflows with Alexander Schlender & Martin Schmidts
Take a look into future proof crossmedia workflows on mobile devices with the ability to ingest, manage and create content like audio podcasts with Alexander and Martin.

Playout Ubiquity with Martin Billmeier & Sujata Sharma
Your talent wants to get out of the studio but still needs to be in harmony with the mothership to make a great show. You know it can be done but logistics are always a challenge. Can you go remote in a more efficient manner and keep control of your show? Join us for this session on Playout Ubiquity with Martin and Sujata to learn how we reduce the complexity of a studio into a browser. Special thanks to M94,5 for their cooperation.

Sneak Preview: A New Support (Experience) with Jörg Stelkens & Rob Chatterjea
Rob and Jörg will provide you a sneak preview for the replacement of Testtrack that will make your life easier. Our new experience will allow you to easily log fault tickets with an intuitive UI and easy to track ticket status. We’ll be collecting customer feedback to manage an even more comprehensive transition.

Content Production: Live User Experience with Neha Chadha & Andreas Parsch 
Neha and Andreas will provide a live user experience of Content Manager with a examination of the current UX, RCE and Parameter management. There will be time for user feedback and a discussion of future ideas.

The RoughCut Edit Experience with Sebastian Patrik Busch & Marcus Kleinschmidt
Join this hands-on session to get the full RCE Experience. Sebastian and Marcus will demonstrate RCE DigiTV workflows with growing file support, RCE timeline creation, FCP export on MAC with BrowserBridge and more.

Sneak Preview: DBM 5 – A New Look with Michael Harris & Ingeborg Großmann 
Michael and Ingeborg will provide a glimpse of what’s coming with new DBM 5 GUI, new features and a live demo of DPI Awareness. You will have the opportunity for Q&A and to provide feedback. Special thanks to P4 Radio for their cooperation.

Connections: ENPS with Hans Rinkenbach & Michael Bodenstein
ENPS Integration and supported features will be demonstrated in this hands-on presentation with Hans and Michael.

Going Direct: Multimedia Production Workflow with Jakob Lindauer & Stefan Riediger
Jakob and Stefan will demonstrate how to ingest a video file from your computer or smartphone directly into Content Manager, edit it and download the resulting HighRes file back to your machine within the Multimedia Production Workflow.

Production in times of “Online First” with Martin Uhlarz & Klaus Hellmich
As Martin and Klaus think about ways to prepare for multiple channel support, they ask: Is there a “one and only” production tool? Should we use multiple specialized tools? We think the answer is to strive for all routes. This session will discuss the pros and cons of each question to generate a discussion on the topic of how to  be prepared in infrastructure for multiple distribution channels. Special thanks to P4 & NRK for their cooperation.

Your Story: Beyond the Broadcast with Paul Weiland
Increasing the reach of stories after broadcast – What new trends in technology are you taking advantage of?

Code Name: Stargate Software Portal with Hans Baumgaertner
A sneak peak into a new 2-way distribution systems to obtain your DAVID Systems software. Hans will present the new software portal (code name: Stargate).

***All Sessions Subject to Change



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