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CC 2023 Schedule


Evening Event starting at 18:00 at La Forchetta, in Arnulfpark (10 minute walk from the office)

Grete-Mosheim-Straße 15, 80636 München


Meet us at 09:00 for coffee before the start of the sessions.


What are your requirements and ideas on extending ROAD Admin for recording use cases

The way we design our software can help to make your organization more sustainable. In this session / workshop we want to explore with you, on which area(s) we should focus.

The journey from reactive towards proactive Customer Care – We want you to get the best out of DigaCare. How we are teaming up & adopting external best practices like using BigData.

We know our provisioning and invoicing workflows can greatly improve. Let’s talk and brainstorm about it.

How to use and how to build job templates for ROAD? A practical introduction to new possibilities of our recording platform

Live from NPR’s NY Studios, a presentation and demonstration of distributed production using ROAD and Lawo.


Pods run at all times: 

Pod Craft

Let’s have a conversation on consumability of DAVID’s SDK’s.

Pod Brief

Come Record why you love working in audio, so we can share it with those who don’t know about it yet

Area 2

CareGenie is a new pro-active solution within DigaCare. Admins get access to statistics about delivered DigaSystem data and can find known “system issues” within Power BI based dashboards.

Area 5

Do you have any User Experience issues? Address your questions to the experts and let’s find a great solution together

Area 5

Meet Armin the sysadmin, he represents our learnings about some of you. Are we close ?

Area 1

See how Turboplayer Service and opensource Radio Integration service can help to glue different worlds together at enable affordable realtime visual radio