Your listeners have more choices than ever before. Gone are the days when over-the-air live broadcast was the only choice. Today, streaming audio of both live and on-demand broadcasts—to any number of devices and media from desktop computers to tablets and cell phone—means you have to be agile in your approach to content creation and playout. And with 24-hour news cycles, you have to be efficient at every step from story idea to multiple delivery platform.

There are numerous opportunities and challenges. Content security on all of your delivery channels; Reaching your digital audience during a live production; Efficiently delivering content to the right audience via the best distribution channel; Optimizing time to market for new channels; More flexibility with resources; And many, many more. 

Where do you start to alleviate your greatest concerns? How do you best prepare for today and tomorrow?

Start Here.

At the DAVID booth for IBC 2017, Listening In Action is focused on aligning your priorities with our capabilities as we explore the best ways to work together. 

Contact Hans or Martin right now to set up time to meet at IBC 2017 between September 15-18. The DAVID Systems Booth is located at Booth 3.A31.

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