Innovative products that change the way broadcasters produce, manage, distribute and transmit. That's what DAVID Systems is all about. Below you will find the areas where our customers and partners have achieved breakthrough results.

    The four highlighted areas:

    • content distribution
    • media production
    • radio broadcasting
    • broadcast archiving

    Content Distribution

    Distribute rich data between locations, applications and people

    Moving rich media between locations, systems... and people is an increasing challenge. Sure, there are plenty of ways to distribute content from location A to location B. But that is not sufficient. The real differentiation comes from going one step further: from desk A to desk B, which means the system needs to understand the associated metadata.

    This brings the requirements to a list like:

    • How to transport my incredibly fast growing amount of content to the location where it is needed in a fast and secure way?
    • How to re-distribute content within my organization with a minimum effort?
    • How to preserve metadata during the transfer?

    DAVID Systems' answer: "Moves Media", a powerful, easy-to-use complete product to exchange media data globally. Moves Media integrates 3rd party systems and applications, accommodates to your workflows, is easy to implement and brings immediate ROI. Find more information about Moves Media in the Products area, or learn how German broadcaster ARD moves content between all of its locations.

    Media Production

    Radio and television production, working together

    Business success is determined by the speed, stability and quality of the workflow as a whole. To realize true efficiency, media organizations can no longer think in terms of individual workspaces. Working in concert with our customers, DAVID Systems has simplified system integration by developing interfaces to external platforms that link isolated applications into a coordinated network. In addition, the DigaSystemís powerful backend and administration modules enable customers to transparently automate production processes.

    DAVID Systems' cutting-edge audio and video editors allow customers to share content and assignments between their radio and TV operations, enhancing brand awareness and workplace efficiency. Read more in the Media Production area, or find out how Swiss broadcaster RTR unifies radio, TV and internet news production.

    Radio Broadcasting

    Stay on-air with optimal planning and playout tools

    Quality and reliability have been the bedrock requirements for broadcast play-out systems from the time they were first introduced. But as technology has progressed, the demands on radio and TV for consumer-driven content have become increasingly complex. Today broadcasters make audio and video available "on-demand" from Websites, regionalize show content, produce special-interest programs for off-line access, and generate multimedia for handheld receivers like cell phones.

    New distribution channels and formats like on-line streaming, podcasts, RSS, DAB/HD-Radio, and surround sound present promising possibilities to grow audience share and create new sources of revenue. The brands of broadcasters who recognize the potential of DAVID Systems' powerful play-out and distribution tools stand-out boldly in todayís fiercely competitive multimedia world.

    Keep the workflow of play-out lean and efficient despite the proliferation of new distribution channels and make your station future-proof by using our modern and versatile play-out systems.

    Broadcast Archiving

    Improve the utilization of your archives

    There is are a lot of technology challenges facing broadcasters today in terms of content creation and delivery. To develop new sources of revenue, new business models such as content syndication and cross-media delivery platforms must be introduced, including Internet (IPTV), Video-on-Demand (VOD) and mobile TV. These emerging forms of content application require new processes and create an increasing demand for re-use of content or parallel production. Existing and consistent metadata across the media lifecycle is vital for this approach. A hierarchical storage management of tiered disk and robotic tape libraries is highly cost-effectively since the user's workflow, or even the existing infrastructure does not have to be changed. The transparent access to archived material results in quicker restores and faster time-to-air, improves efficiency and reduces cost. For detailed info visit the Product area.


    Content Distribution

    • Fast and secure file transfer
    • Your metadata available end-to-end
    • Automated and easy to use

    Media Production

    • Tapeless news and multimedia production
    • Automated production processes
    • Integrated production system with interfaces to external platforms

    Radio Broadcasting

    • Future-proof automation concept
    • Radio delivery across multiple platforms
    • Fully customizable, flexible, cost-effective radio play-out system

    Broadcast Archiving

    • Timecode based partial file restore
    • Metadata integrity
    • Integration layer between MAM and HSM