Combined audio and video production at RTR, Switzerland

Swiss broadcaster unifies radio, TV and Internet news covering using DAVID Systems' products and technologies


Chur-based Radio e Televisiun Rumantscha (RTR) is the only electronic media organization to provide public service output for Svizra rumantscha, one of Switzerland's four language regions. RTR bridges the linguistic divide in Canton Grisons and reaches out to the scattered Romansch-speaking communities throughout Switzerland and beyond its national borders. With a radio station in operation 14 hours a day and 90 minutes of television programming a week, RTR provides a Romansch-language offering that comprehensively informs and entertains Romansch-speakers in their mother tongue. Radio is transmitted via FM, DAB, SAT, Cable and Internet. TV is included into the national television broadcast of Swiss Television via DVB-T, SAT and cable. Internet services include audio/video on demand, SMS, and Teletext. RTR employs more than 140 people. In 2006 the organization united the formerly separated editorial departments for Radio/Multimedia and television under one roof in the new Media Center RTR.


Tri-media convergence: RTR had the vision of combining workflows for radio, TV and internet in order to save costs and time as well as to optimize the employment of their human resources. Media convergence includes:

  • Content and topics
  • Content production
  • Production infrastructure
  • Working in combined teams 


After moving into the new Media Center with a common technical infrastructure RTR started to harmonize the workflows. One chief editor for the three media areas, common content planning and programs as well as multimedia education for the staff were the first steps to realize the vision. 

DAVID Systemsí multimedia content management system, already installed at Radio Romansch, was an ideal basis for RTRís ambitious convergence project. The existing installation was enhanced with DigaSystem video modules for file ingest, transcoding and video editing.

Customer Benefits

Content and topics:

  • Reduction of double work by teams
  • Faster publication of news in all media
  • More audio-visual content for internet publication
  • Common access to radio and TV content  by all teams

 Production infrastructure:

  • Common production system for radio/TV
  • More functionality and optimized work-flows for radio and TV news production


  • Bi-functional skills for editors, speakers and technicans


  • Common production environment for radio, TV, Internet
  • Optimized production infrastructure
  • Optimized workflows
  • Faster production time - faster time-to-air
  • Highly flexible employment of staff through bi-functional skills and reduction of double work