Play-to-Air Systems - robust, modern and fast

Designed to meet the unique needs of each operation in which they’re installed, DAVID Systems OnAir applications are reliable tools for broadcasting and playout. For more than 15 years, radio and TV stations around the world have relied upon our innovative on-air systems which offer the highest degree of reliability. As a key security feature the production and play-out environments are completely separated. Even if some system components did encounter a failure, play-out buffering and a backbone of redundant system protections prevent broadcasts from ever suffering a catastrophic failure.

The XML-based data transfer within the play-out environment grants the highest degree of flexibility and readiness to adapt to future advances in IT. In addition, our powerful client/server technology offers near real-time communication between all system components, offering your staff full flexibility in handling breaking news and last-minute schedule updates. The automated data transfer to all clients and locations connected to the system prevents errors and makes the status of projects transparent to everyone.

BroadcastServer - Efficiency in radio planning and playout

The BroadcastServer (BCS) is the central communication service for broadcast scheduling and playout.Together with the BroadcastUtilityServer (BUS), the background working horse, responsible for automatic import and export, the system allows for fast and secure playout of radio schedules.

To provide maximum safety for playout, entries which are ready-for-air are stored in the XML standard and are placed into a dedicated play-out infrastructure with its own servers and storage systems. And yet to keep DigaSystem operating in harmony with itself, predefined templates facilitate program planning as well as data import from production, archives, and third party systems. To effortlessly accommodate the inevitable last minute change to a schedule, the producer and host in the studio have powerful tools to manage it – even if it needs to happen at the very last moment.

Product Highlights

Regionalization - Centralized or Local Control

How should the resources of multiple locations be organized to complement one another? Should scheduling and play-out be managed centrally or locally – or perhaps a mix of both? Whatever the case may be, our OnAir Solutions offer freedom of choice and are designed to meld to the particular processes, business models and regional structures of each of our customers.

User rights can be configured to grant direct remote access to the program schedule to users at both your headquarters and your regional sites. Alternatively, the exchange of program data can be automated and synchronized via remote links.

That way, regional programs can be planned and produced locally while the play-out originates from your headquarters. The play-out of several regional programs can be managed from just one workstation – including different news, music, promos, and advertisements. Operational control can be completely local or it can revert to centralized operation during certain hours of the day such as overnights or while carrying syndicated programming.

No matter how complex an operational strategy may be, our system is flexible enough to make the vision a reality. This means higher audience retention and additional commercial revenue can be achieved while lowering costs.

Multiple Play-Out

Radio as we used to know it is history. Devices like mobile phones that combine radio and TV receivers with telephones and the Internet are already receiving wide acceptance from consumers who are hungry for content. „Radio delivery across multiple platforms" – no other system provider makes it possible for broadcasters to meet the new demands of its audiences as easily as DAVID Systems does. Our references speak to our success!

Are you interested in delivering radio-driven multimedia content via HD-Radio and DMB? Then you can benefit from our expertise and the practical experience of our family of customers. We have maximized the potential of the multiple platforms, including Surround playout and streaming, now at radio’s disposal for many of our clients.


Cartwall Functionality

For our customers, the integration of Cartwall functionality in the BroadcastServer environment means a future proof, homogeneous software and hardware solution based on a common database. The functional range of Database Manager, DigAIRrange and TurboPlayer has been enhanced to allow the installation and the operation of a Cartwall according to the regulations of Radioformatics® for all program workflows. For this reason, one or more new tables “carts” are created in the Database Manager – the group function replaces the old cart container. The newly developed CartColorManager helps to create carts in the respective color codes.  

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