Flexible content management system for multimedia content with outstanding, broadcast optimized features and an intuitive database backend. All your content at your fingertips, organized after your individual needs, format and media independent.

Streamlined content management for media production

Producing and distributing content - independently of location, format, and medium

Up-to-date information can be supplied in a variety of formats from many different sources. Working quickly, editors adapt the length and focus of a piece to tailor the content for different target programs, channels and media.

We support that ambitious goal through a content management system (CMS) that offers perfect support for your global production processes. All content can be accessed at any time from any workstation – by 20, 200 or 2,000 and more employees – from any location in the world and always in the file format you need, either in its entirety or just a specific segment.

Metadata as a key element

Our superior metadata management system ensures that the required information is found quickly and reliably. This maximizes the value of your content over the course of its entire lifecycle – whether radio, television or a combined multimedia production. Metadata is a central topic in our system philosophy. To meet your specific needs metadata masks are fully customizable, including mandatory fields or direct access to 3rd party systems.

Database Manager: A High-Performance Backend Tool

The DigaSystem’s high performance and functionality supports all standard editorial procedures. Our database backend, the Database Manager, is a first-class desktop tool offering quick searching and easy access to content and metadata. Every user can find all the important and authorized editors and tools they need with one simple click. The scope for integration is virtually unlimited. Critical workflows can be efficiently automated, while flags and attributes make the status of all pieces transparent. Initiating the saving process is enough to trigger background processes like format conversion, data transfer and delivery to broadcast servers for audio and video, with a wide range of options from surround sound to DMB / HD Radio to Website formats and podcasts.

Like you, DAVID Systems thinks in terms of end-to-end workflows which is why our CMS easily integrates with existing asset management and play-out systems as well as other infrastructures. The latest step was our successful integration with Microsoft Office Sharepoint to raise team efficiency and reduce costs across the enterprise.