More and more elements of a modern broadcaster's workflow can be delivered digitally. A consequence for the broadcaster is to be able to expand production environments in a quick, flexible and transparent fashion. What starts as a small production island quickly grows into the need for a proper archive that needs to be integrated with the rest of the enterprise.

Hydrogen Archive Catalyst

Keep existing infrastructure

Hydrogen Archive Catalyst (HAC) provides transparent access to a Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), a digital tape based system where customers get almost unlimited storage capacity at a reasonably price. A benefit of this approach is that the user's workflow, or even the existing infrastructure does not have to be changed. The module works with a wide variety of HSM and Media Asset Management systems.

Partial File Restore - Get what you need

HAC translates a ‘video asset request’ with associated timecode and metadata information from a media management system, to a ‘file request’, either for the complete file or a partial file restore. The Archive Catalyst engine not only retrieves the file from the archive but also delivers it to a destination location, for fast, intelligent archive integration. The solution can be enhanced further by using it in combination with other Hydrogen modules such as Hydrogen Media Accelerator providing the ability to enable editing during ingest.