DAVID Systems develops software for the broadcast industry for more than 20 years now. Many applications have been created in close collaboration with radio and TV stations, thus meeting exactly the broadcasters' requirements. The software is based on industry standards and comes with a lot of customization features. That way it can be employed in standard version by very different customers - even by non-broadcast organizations dealing with media content.

Media Technology That Delivers

The software modules are grouped in five functional areas:

Content Distribution

Moves Media is the brand for a set of tools which are freely combinable, centrally administered, and allow full background operation. Moves Media applications are executing their tasks almost invisibly for the editorial staff and come with intelligent features like powerful metadata handling, on-the-fly transcoding or automatic database registration. Nevertheless all these applications are based on standard IT infrastructure, integrating seamlessly into existing broadcast environments... [more]

Content Management

DAVID Systems' DigaSystem includes a built-in CMS that offers perfect support for your global production processes. All content can be accessed at any time from any workstation – by 20, 200 or 2,000 and more employees – from any location in the world and always in the file format you need, either in its entirety or just a specific segment. Our superior Metadata management system ensures that the required information is found quickly and reliably. This maximizes the value of your content over the course of its entire lifecycle – including extending its applicability to both radio and television... [more]

Media Production

Media Production includes the audio and video editors as well as powerful middleware to integrate broadcast applications and production islands within existing workflow management structures. DAVID Systems supports media and location spanning, multimedia production and organization structures – not as a future strategy but already field-tested... [more]

Radio Broadcasting

Designed to meet the unique needs of each operation in which they’re installed, DAVID Systems OnAir applications are reliable tools for broadcasting and play-out solutions. For more than 15 years, radio and TV stations around the world have relied upon our innovative, IP-based systems. Individually configured GUIs maximize the ease and efficiency of individual workflows. The most important data as determined by each user is available at a glance. Vital tools are no more than a thought and a click away on each desktop... [more]


Broadcast Archiving

At the heart of many archiving solutions is the Hydrogen Archive Catalyst (HAC). The middleware application delivers the rich, flexible and efficient functionality today’s dynamic broadcasters need. HAC translates a ‘video asset request’ with associated timecode and metadata information from a Media Management system, to a ‘file request’, either for the complete file or a partial file restore. The Archive Catalyst engine not only retrieves the file from the archive but also delivers it to a destination location, for fast, intelligent archive integration. The solution can be enhanced further by using it in combination with other Hydrogen modules such as Hydrogen Media Accelerator providing the ability to enable editing during ingest... [more]

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