Company Development

DAVID Systems was founded in 1991 as D.A.V.I.D. GmbH with the visionary goal to move analogue Radio broadcast productions and operations from tape based environments into digital, open IT based ones. Therefore DAVID Systems is a highly reputed pioneer and leader for this market with a rich product set based on cutting edge technology and a first class customer base using DAVID Systems' solutions to make radio day by day.

With the advent of enough computing power DAVID Systems tackled the corresponding challenge in the TV environment by replacing highly proprietary solutions, this time for digital desktop video production and operation. Today DAVID Systems video solutions are used for the acquisition, creation and distribution of video content within prime TV stations.

Based on a mature content management system used by both, Radio and TV applications, DAVID Systems is among the few who can serve shared Radio, TV and Internet production and who delivered systems to the market.

As core of these solutions DAVID Systems developed the DigaSystem broadcast platform, which is built on latest IT technology.